Keeping Our Lacombe Community Safe

From pre-visit screenings to staggered visit times, we prioritize your health at every step.
  • Pre-visit screeningsWe'll get in touch to see if you've been sick, or around anyone who's been sick. If you have, we'll ask you to reschedule—and make that really easy. This helps keep everyone safe.
  • Clean check-inWe'll collect your insurance and payment info digitally, sanitizing our debit machine after each use. This helps ensure a safe and quick check-in every time.

Experience safety right when you arrive

  • Office Social DistancingWe recommend to follow AHS guidelines to maintain six feet of separation as you move through the clinic.
  • Staggered Visit TimesFor safety, we ensure minimal overlap in the waiting area and hallways, so the clinic will feel quiet and calm.
  • Less WaitingYou'll be seen soon after arrival, so you won’t need to be in the waiting room for long.

Clinical Safety

You’ll be cared for in a sanitized space, with disinfected equipment, by a clinical team in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
  • Disinfected EquipmentAll of our clinical equipment is thoroughly disinfected.
  • Protecting Our Team & YouWe provide our team with daily screenings, masks, laundry service, and more so everyone stays healthy

Coronavirus Information for Clinics

Chiropractic COVID-19 Resources
Massage Therapy COVID-19 Resources